Lighthouse Leaders


Paula Mckee, Walla Walla Lighthouse President        

I am a wife of 24 years and a proud mother of three wonderful children who have blessed me with 9 wonderful grandchildren.  I was born again in 1993 and have enjoyed serving my Lord as a worship leader, deaconess church secretary and in Spokane evening Aglow. Secretary and  President. The desire of my heart is to walk in the presence and love of my Abba Papa and to be a sweet fragrance unto HIm willing to serve where and when He calls me to.

Gwen  Porche, Spokane Valley VP of Administration & Financial Development

I have been in Aglow for about 21 years. I started attending Aglow with my Mom in Calif. I have served in multiple roles. Hostess, President of Spokane Evening Aglow for 10 years, served on area team. I have been married to a wonderful man for 45 years, have 2 great kids and 5 wonderful grandkids.

Kim Veenhuizen , NEW Colville VP Ministry Development  
Kim has been married for 35 years and has two grown boys, 3 grandchildren (2 girls and 1 boy). My second son is married to a wonderful young lady and we havea great relationship. Kim has lived in the area for 8 years and is a student getting her degree in Early childhood Education and Development. For the last 2-1/2 years she has been a foster mom for 2 little girls.


Deedee Lipp, Wenatchee Lighthouse President
Deedee has been married for 23 years. I lived in Wenatchee the whole time. I have four children. 21, 19, 18 and 9. We are self employed. We bought out our parents pest control company and added home inspections to it about 15 years ago. I also work for the school districts as a substitute teacher. I love children and want to help influence them for Jesus.
I have prayed with moms in touch for 13 years and was an area coordinator for prayer for our schools. I still pray once a week and lead our group, which is now, moms in prayer ministry.  I was first invited, by Margaret, to an Aglow mtg in June 2010. I had such a burden for my son, Kellen at the time and God really met me at that mtg. He healed Kellen then as well. I immediately knew that this was the kind of ministy I wanted to be involved in. I want to touch peoples lives in this way by Holy Spirit too. I started on the team as Finance Dev. then two months later. Aglow is a huge stretch for me, honestly. I am challenged and uncomfortable at times. I haven’t yet really prophesied and seen visions/pictures or heard from God regularly. It comes such a little bit at a time. But God is changing me from the inside to be so in LOVE with Him. I want to be in His  presence all the time.  I want to know Him more. And become more obedient.  I will be moving in the dance and the prophetic and healing. And I am excited about my relationship with Jesus and our Wenatchee Aglow.

Georgi Lockhart, VP of Financial Development, Tri-Cities
I was born twice in my hometown of Bay City Michigan. The second time was on October 25, 1983 when I was baptized as an adult and accepted Jesus as my Savior. I had been searching for God and He made it easy for me to find Him when I started looking in the right places.     In the course of my life, I have been married three times. My first husband of about 20 years died of a long illness. Through this union I have one stepson, Ed.  My second husband and I were married 5 years until he left me for another. But God had blessed me with a stepdaughter, Kim, son-in-law, Ron, a grandson, Cameron, and Grace, my granddaughter. This young family each had a part in the wedding to my third husband.  In March of 2006, I married George, and I moved out here to Washington, where he and three his sons lived. George is also from my hometown but I didn’t meet him there. Our story is truly one that God has orchestrated because of all the similarities in each of our lives.      God brought me to Aglow through a friend I met here in the Tri-Cities. I had not heard of Aglow in Michigan.  I was asked to be a part of Aglow near the end of 2009. Being the VP of Financial Development has been a challenge for me but a rewarding one.  God has changed the speed of my spiritual growth through Aglow; it seems faster than back in 1983 when I was looking for Him.  These last few years have been amazing and I look forward with excitement to see what God will do next in the lives of my brothers and sisters in Aglow but also in me and my own family’s lives.

AMY CONNOLLY, Spokane Valley President

Amy is a woman whose heart is after God.  She met the Lord as a young girl and was filled with the Holy Spirit as a teenager in the Catholic Church.  In her early days as a new believer she attended Aglow Meetings and Bible studies which impacted her growth in the Lord and Love for the presence of the Holy Spirit. She went on to participate in her passion for Jesus as a worship leader in Young Women’s Aglow 30 years ago, as well as in her church. She has served and worked on the Healing Rooms team in Spokane and is Secretary/Treasurer of the Bondage Breakers Ministry which is an outreach to the streets. Amy has produced a CD and is currently a member of the band “Water Fall”.  She and her husband Jim have raised 3 children together and now own and operate an international business.  Amy loves God’s people and has a desire and calling to encourage them into their God given destinies. She is thrilled and humbled to be appointed as President of Spokane Valley Aglow and anticipates what God will do through this awesome group of people.

Sue Boisselle, Yakima Lighthouse President

Susan Boisselle is a woman of enthusiasm, joy and fortitude. She is many faceted and lives life abundantly. Giving it all she has, she walks in obedience doing what she sees the Father in heaven doing and speaking forth His words.
It was during the Christmas season as a child that she first experienced the presence and holiness of the Lord. Without any human assistance, she entered into worship followed with repentance. It was at this time that she became born again and began her love affair with the Lord. Since then, Susan has experienced other encounters with the Kingdom of God.
She was introduced to Women’s Aglow as a young woman when her mother took her to an Aglow meeting. There she wept as she again found the presence of God she had experienced as a child and teenager and turned her life around. Aglow was momentous in her life and helped transform, teach, and establish her in a godly foundation. Today, at the urging of a friend, she has helped birth a new Aglow in the Yakima Valley.
Susan is currently enjoying her 35th anniversary of life with her husband, Jim, and raising the last half of her twelve children. She has been involved in teaching both adults and children, loves to worship, and participate in intercessory prayer. She has lived a life hidden away from the public until now and marvels at what the Lord is doing with her.